The Wedding Dress – Day 1


Every mother with a daughter dreams about her daughter’s wedding, probably just as much as said daughter does.  I think we all want that fairytale wedding for our daughters;  the whole horse drawn carriage pulling up to a venue festooned with candlelight.  The Cinderella type wedding complete with the feeling of romance so heavy in the air that you practically have to swim through it to get to your seat.  We want perfection for our daughter’s wedding, from the most beautiful wedding altar to the most beautiful and deliciously scrumptious wedding cake.  But there is one thing, above all, that we dream about most.  One thing that any girl above the age of 8 dreams about.  One thing that MUST be the most perfect thing about the day.  The dress!

There’s so much that goes into picking the perfect dress.  The color, fabric type, straps, strapless, lace, no lace, beading, no beading, train, no train, ball gown or A-line or mermaid, short or long, etc.  Some brides try on dozens of dresses before finding the right one.  Some brides spend many thousands of dollars on their perfect dress.  Some, only hundreds.  Some brides will spend many months visiting many different bridal shops searching for the one.  Some will find it on the first go around.  You could say it’s almost like finding the right guy to marry, possibly filled with lots of no-ways until that perfect one reveals itself.  It is the most gut wrenching and emotionally uncertain decision a bride will make for her wedding.  You will hem and haw about it and it will keep you up long into the early morning wondering if you picked the right dress.  Don’t let anyone fool you.  No matter what any bride tells you, every one 2nd guesses her dress choice up until that last final moment when she says “I do”.  If they tell you otherwise…they’re lying to you…or to themselves.

So….how do you make it more gut-wrenching and emotionally uncertain?  You find a dress that can’t be bought and you ask your mother to make it for you….from nothing but a picture.  No pressure right?


I think for those mothers with even a working knowledge of a sewing machine, the thought of making their daughter’s wedding dress has crossed their minds at least once.  For someone with more than a working knowledge, who calls herself a fiber artist, I admit that the thought has crossed my mind about a hundred times.  The fact that on what will be one of the most important and memorable days of her life, my little girl will be wearing something that I made with my own two hands, would totally complete my journey into the fiber/fabric world.  I am both honored that she thinks that highly of my skills and excited about the prospect.  However, as someone who has never made a wedding dress before, I would be totally and completely lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely, utterly terrified at the same time.  I mean like to the core terrified.  Like the thought of taking this on makes me feel like my heart is going to fall out of my chest and turn around and laugh at me for thinking that I could do this.  I fear that I will fail and ruin my daughter’s perfect day.    But I’m going to fight through my fear and do this for her because she is my little girl and I want her to have the dress of her dreams. She has faith in me to do this…that’s going to help fight my fear.

That and a bottle of Tequila.

I am kidding about the Tequila.