Vintage, Vintage, Vintage! Oh my!

Recently the mother of a close friend found out that I crochet. She used to crochet but now that she’s much older can’t really do it like she used to and asked if I’d like to have some old crochet pattern books that she had. Of course I didn’t say no. Free patterns! What crocheter in their right mind would decline free patterns!

When my friend brought them to me, I wasn’t really surprised to see her carrying a rather large box as she was also bringing me some things for my new grandson.  Being the busy lady that I am, I stuck the box in my craft room and forgot about it for a few weeks.

I finally started emptying it out and when I got past all the baby clothes and toys I discovered a yellow lock box about the size of a large lunch box.  Opening up the box was like opening up that one present at Christmas time that just totally makes the holiday.  I literally squealed with joy!  It was FULL of pattern books.  I then squealed again with joy when I started to pull them out of the box.

Vintage Crochet Pattern Books 1944 - 1953
Vintage Crochet Pattern Books
1944 – 1953

When my friend’s mother said she had some old pattern books I had no idea she meant REALLY old!  There are 8 large books, ranging from 1944 to 1953.  I was beside myself with awe that she’d kept these books this long and that they were in such good condition.  Next were smaller size books…and oh my goodness…they are Annie’s Pattern Club books, beginning with Volume 1, issue 1, 1980.

Vintage Crochet Pattern Books
Vintage Crochet Pattern Books

In total there are 66 books and they are all in fair to pristine condition.  The older ones I will definitely be putting in plastic sleeves to maintain their condition.  I could never possibly finish all of the patterns in these books but it’s going to be fun trying!  Maybe I’ll make that a challenge for 2015…to complete at least one pattern from every book.


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