The Journey Begins

Down here in New Orleans, we do things with a certain flair, a down-home southern flair that has earned us the nickname The Big Easy. We are easy to love and we know how to do things big. That Big Easy spirit shows in how we do things like Mardi Gras and in our love for the Saints.

My Big Easy spirit shows in my crochet.  I make hand-made pieces that reflect that New Orleans spirit; pieces like black and gold afghans to purple, green and gold coozies, and all the in-betweens.


I spend most of my free time with a hook and yarn in my hands and most of my non-free time THINKING about hooks and yarn.  You could say I’m obsessed…or at least my family will say I’m obsessed…but let’s not ask them.

I first learned how to crochet during my mid-teens.  I remember watching my mother and grandmother make such beautiful doilies and blankets and thought it would be a good crafty hobby since my stick figure paintings…well they were just sticks.  So I took up hook and crochet thread and crocheted my little heart out…for about 2 weeks.  Mid-teens remember…that’s about how long my 14 year old mind usually stuck with hobbies.  I didn’t pick up a hook again until my early 40s.  This time around the hobby stuck and I’ve been hooked (haha) ever since.

I hope to share my love of crochet, the pieces I’ve made, the patterns I’ve found and some I’ve created, or anything I find interesting that is crochet related, but not limited to crochet.  You never know what you might find here.

So…as we New Orleanians say “laissez les bon temps rouler!” or for you non New Orleanians…Let the good times roll!


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